Udaipur jewels established in the year 2018 under its parent company Neelima Jewels is an online platform for those Who interest in buying not just a piece of gold but a piece of art. With two decades of experience in manufacturing and designing of Polki and Jadau work of Rajasthan we present to you our culturally diversified range of Gems, Silver jewelry and Silver furniture. Our aim is to deliver the finest of all for the inexpensive price we offer.

Polki and Jadau

The roots of Polki diamonds can be traced back to India long before they were popular in the West and are one of the oldest forms of uncut diamonds. Uncut diamonds are used to carve this beauty and therefore it comes at a rather inexpensive rate. One can see the raw beauty and color of diamonds in this jewelry form which is otherwise ruptured by the shine of cut diamonds. The uncut diamonds along with other precious and Semiprecious gemstones fit perfectly to create the raw beauty of Polki jewelry. Hailing from the royal culture of Rajasthan which is famous for its Polki and Jadau jewelry we understand the importance of traditional Rajasthani style.